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This is not another social network. This is not a social media popularity contest of likes and follower stats. Noticeworthy is a brand of nightlife and entertainment tastemakers who paid their dues, came out on top, and deserve the recognition. Other sites glorify fakes, but Noticeworthy is an inside connection to the industry insiders actually making moves and leaving their indelible mark on the scene. Our contributors are the visionaries who shift, mold, and drive our culture. And everybody knows the only thing better than crushing the game is getting recognized by the right people for doing it.

People You Should Know

Pasquale Romano

Pasquale Romano - Las Vegas

Dreana Leigh

Dreana Leigh - Miami

Cody Tomboli

Cody Tomboli - Las Vegas

William T. Toms

William T. Toms - Philadelphia


BeatBreaker - New Jersey

Steve Ruta

Steve Ruta - Staten Island

Ed Swift

Ed Swift - New Jersey